Tina Turner to Ditch American Citizenship, to Become Citizen of Switzerland

The decision still requires formal approval from state and federal authorities.
2:46 | 01/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tina Turner to Ditch American Citizenship, to Become Citizen of Switzerland
We were all surprised by the latest headline out of the music industry. Soul superstar tina turner is turning in her u.S. Passport and ditching her american citizenship. The woman who built her career here in the usa, is now becoming a citizen of switzerland. What's going on here? Tanya rivero is on the story. Reporter: This is surprising, given tina turner classic all-american success story, from a small southern town. She rose to fame, overcoming abuse to become an international star. Even if her story is uniquely american, it seems her passport won't be for much longer. ♪ What's left got to do got to do with ♪ Reporter: It appears love has a great deal to with tina turner's shocking decision to trade in her u.S. Passport for a swiss one. The global superstar has lived outside zurich for the past eight years with long-time partner, german record exec, irwin bach. She told a german paper, I'm very happy in switzerland and i feel at home here. I cannot imagine a better place to live. ♪ You're simply the best ♪ Reporter: But some believe her motives may not be so simple. Any celebrity that makes such a bold change in her life does it for multidimensional reasons. Maybe the increasing tax rates on very high income earners in the united states. ♪ A dancer for money ♪ Reporter: But if the 73-year-old singer is making the move to cut her tax bill, she'll americans, renunciation of u.S. Citizenship may have no uh affect whatsoever on his or her u.S. Tax obligations. She wouldn't be the first celebrity to change nationalities. Actor jgerard depardieu got his passport after loudly renouncing france and its tax hikes on its wealthiest citizens. Even elizabeth taylor made a bid to keep her european income away from the irs in 1965. I am the earth mother. And you are all flops. Reporter: Apparently couldn't go through with the renunciation oath. As for turner, whether she's making the move for love or money -- ♪ you don't have to worry ♪ Reporter: It seems she'll have more of both in switzerland. And we reached out to turner's reps. But so far, no comment. Turner speaks fluent german, has passed a local civic test and just needs a stamp of approval before becoming a swiss citizen. Moving to a neutral country. Thanks, tanya. Coming up here on the broadcast, sour apple. The new ashton kutcher movie

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{"id":18322590,"title":"Tina Turner to Ditch American Citizenship, to Become Citizen of Switzerland","duration":"2:46","description":"The decision still requires formal approval from state and federal authorities.","url":"/GMA/video/tina-turner-ditch-american-citizenship-citizen-switzerland-18322590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}