Tony Robbins talks 'Unshakeable' live on 'GMA'

The motivational speaker dishes on his new book live from Times Square.
4:06 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for Tony Robbins talks 'Unshakeable' live on 'GMA'
I'm here with a deer friend, Tony Robbins, one of the most inspiring people I know. Yes. Thank you. A highly anticipated new book. It's called "Unshakeable" about overcoming your fears and achieving financial freedom as it says right here, Tony, you are a force of nature. You are. Thank you. This is thin for Tony. Usually you can do a bicep curl with what he writes. "Unshakeable." Why do you say "unshakeable"y. I think you remember back in 2008 when I saw everybody losing their home and half their net worth, I wanted to do something and I had access with the top financial traders and he hasn't lost money in 24 years. I put together a 700-page book which became a number one best-seller, proud of it but in the last year and a half there's more fear and volatility and I want to protect people. We all know a crash is coming. You don't have to be reactionary. This is eighth year of our bull and usually get a bear market every knife years. You have to know how to protect your family but show if you're a millennial and have all this student debt you think you'll never be free or baby boomer that never got started or an X generation kind of concerned the next crash even though it's counterintuitive is your chance to leapfrog from where to where you want to be. Everything goes on sale and the crazy thing is, you know, most ladies if they can buy their favorite outfits or shoes for 50% off they're excited but when the stock market goes 50% off everybody freaks out. A good sign. I wanted to show people what the pattern is. Here's what you can know, every single crash we've ever had in the history of the United States in 2 1/2 centuries is immediately followed a by bull market so in 2008 we lost 50%. The next 12 months it was 69% straight up. So if you don't sell, which is what all the people I interviewed with you can get a small amount in the market, when it starts to crash, you have a chance to really transform yourself financially. But also when you talk about "Unshakeable," state of mind. It's not just about finance. Well, because if you walk around -- there are people with a billion dollars and still freaked out. Stressed. Angry. If you are, what good is a billion dollars. In the book I show you how to shift your mind and emotions so while you're building your finances we're donating 100% of the rights to this or royalties as I did the last time I had a $5 million advance and had 50 million people through feeding America and we'll feed 100 million people and feed a billion people over several years so this will change your life. Every book will feed 50 people so it's a chance for us to make a difference and for you to change your own life as well. What is the number one mistake you hear from people when it comes to their finances? Number one mistake we make. I don't ask the people. I ask the best in the world. What they said is people don't take advantage of what makes people wealthy which is compound interest. We all know about it intellectually but an example. A gentleman that worked for U.P.S., Theodore Johnson in the 1950s. Never made more than $14,000 in his entire career and retired with $70 million. How? How? Good question. A good friend taught him to become an owner, not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone and don't own the big indexes -- friends say we'd put a 20% Dax on you. I can't pay my bills at 14,000. If the government raises your taxes 20% you pay it and you'd adjust. This will make you free. That 20% set aside made that transformation happen so in the book I show you like your child can start out with 18 years old with $300 a month and by the time they're 28 they can put no more money in and when they're 65 they'll have $1.8 million. I saw that. Just mind-boggling. I got to tell you what. We'll have you come back. You're a giant and we'll unleash the giant within with this giant here. He'll take questions from you and from you at home with Tony

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{"id":45981709,"title":"Tony Robbins talks 'Unshakeable' live on 'GMA'","duration":"4:06","description":"The motivational speaker dishes on his new book live from Times Square. ","url":"/GMA/video/tony-robbins-talks-unshakeable-live-gma-45981709","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}