Trista Sutter opens up about seizure scare, vows to 'live fully'

The former Bachelorette spoke out about the terrifying seizure she suffered while on vacation in Croatia.
4:10 | 06/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trista Sutter opens up about seizure scare, vows to 'live fully'
We are back with a "Gma" exclusive. Former bachelorette Trista is speaking out about her recent health scare having a seizure while traveling with her family and ABC's Diane Macedo sat down with her and her husband Ryan. Trista says she had no warning. One second sitting next to her 8-year-old. The next she's convulsing and turning blue. The scariest part is this could happen again. It's an image Trista Sutter's family will never forget. The ambulance came. I was laying in the ground. Reporter: The woman America knowns as the first bachelorette was on a tour bus in Croatia with her husband and kids and something went wrong. I remember feeling very dizzy and nauseous and then the next thing I knew, I was in the stream and the only way I can describe it is it was like a white euphoria. A lot of people have talked about near-death experiences. I heard Lexi screaming, mommy, mommy. Trista had fallen in sort of a convulsive type of state. Reporter: Husband Ryan is a trained emt but says despite seeing emergencies all the time this scared him. I was checking her pulse. She wasn't breathing. Just turning sort of blue. You fell into your daughter's lap. How did she react? She was traumatized. I think she probably still is a bit. Laying on her with my eyes wide open rolling back into my head. Eye jaw is clenched and shaking. I remember him saying you had a seizure. Reporter: She was rushed to a local hospital but doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Simply warning her not to drive until she sees a neurologist in the United States. You're athletic and eat well and do pilates. Any signs of had. I've headaches before but that's the extent of it. Who doesn't have headaches? Reporter: Realizing it could happen to anyone show wrote I'm human, I have an expiration date. I want to be that voice for people. Seize hours are not pretty. It's embarrassing to lose control and a lot of people feel alone and I want them to know they're not. Studies have shown one out of ten people will have a she is our sometime in their life and there's a number of factors that may contribute to those seizures happening. They include lack of sleep, salt and water imbalances, blood sugar too high or too low and stress. I'm waiting to find out. Reporter: While the 44-year-old says she may never know what caused it or if it will happen again she believes stress played a role. Do you think this has changed your perspective. It's changing my life. Still is to this day. I got up and I thought, oh, I need to go to the grocery store and I'm like, oh, I can't drive. Because, god forbid I have another seizure in the car. Life is fragile. It's precious. And you need to take the time to enjoy it and the people around you. And now that they're home Trista plans to see a neurologist as soon as possible and plans to stress les and do more of what she loves by which T the way still includes watching "The bachelorette." That doesn't stress her out. They're a great example for that series. That is true love and such a wonderful loving couple. They are and say this whole thing made them stronger, brought them closer together and made them so thankfulp for the support they've received from outside and loved ones. One in ten Americans will suffer possibly from a seizure. She says she was just stressed over not being able to load an e-mail. Trying to make a bus so nothing really out of the ordinary. Thank you for -- Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't sweat it rat all. Diane, thanks so much for bringing that to us.

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{"id":48145526,"title":"Trista Sutter opens up about seizure scare, vows to 'live fully'","duration":"4:10","description":"The former Bachelorette spoke out about the terrifying seizure she suffered while on vacation in Croatia. ","url":"/GMA/video/trista-sutter-opens-seizure-scare-vows-live-fully-48145526","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}