1st Tropical Storm of Season Spawns 14 Twisters

Florida residents scramble for cover as 65-mph winds cause destruction across Tampa Bay.
3:24 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for 1st Tropical Storm of Season Spawns 14 Twisters
it gets better because tropical storm andrea said to be a waterlogged friday for millions after leaving so much damage in its path. Sam is in gulfport, florida, where he has been tracking the very latest for us. Good morning, sam. Hey, good morning, robin. Good morning, josh, and this is a perfect example, first a storm of the season shows you don't have to be on the coastline to be a little concerned about tropical systems. Check out the damage in gulfport. One of the restaurants that was damaged. A powerful enough tornado, andrea, to drop down a 200-year-old cedar tree and throw it into that restaurant so inland areas in the storm with the heavy rain, tornados, a real problem. This is just day one. More of andrea ahead. This dramatic surveillance video shows how even a tropical storm can produce major trouble. One of andrea's tornadoes ripping through this gulfport, florida, restaurant. This happened while we were closed, thank goodness. Reporter: Winds of at least 65 miles an hour sending residents scrambling across the sunshine state. One reported tornado going through loxahatchee. It does this kind of damage. It's intense. Three confirmed tornadoes ripping apart neighborhoods and overturning boats in palm beach county. In a minute's time everything is gone. Reporter: While in sarasota another 1 of its 14 tornadoes turning trees into timber. People freaking out and crying over. Reporter: Over 5 inches in manatee county and doppler estimates 9 inches. Scared our house is going to flood. Reporter: And there's storm surge. 3 to 5 feet of storm surge along the west coast. Reporter: This morning, those florida residents are cleaning up debris left by andrea as she now heads up the east coast. Now flooding a real concern with 14 states from georgia to maine under flood watches and andrea's rains already in the carolinas this morning. Pretty much the entire east coast will be watching this storm and as it moves east, we'll of course have the "gma" extreme team moving with it. Ginger zee is in keir beach. We're between rain bands because it does that. Don't see too much in the way of heavy rain then a flash flood. The biggest issue here at the beaches today going to be the surf, the waves will go anywhere from 8 to 11 feet. That's how people will get hurt in tropical storm andrea being at the beach and in the water when they shouldn't be. So if you don't have any absolute need to be there, please don't do it. On top of that we have seen some flooding inland near wilmington and, of course, that tornado watch just off to our north and east in parts of southeast virginia, northeast north carolina. Sam. Yeah, I think the character of this storm, ginger, will continue to be rain and tornadoes, the real issue. Some wind damage but let's show everyone what they're expecting on the east coast as it continues for the next two days to pull north and east. Watch the rain. The heaviest rain we're expecting. Locally there will be 6 inches of rain and many areas will get 3 to 4 inches. A wet season in the east-northeast. It's not going to take too much rain to get serious flooding going in that area so everyone needs to pay attention to this. Believe it or not an "a" named tropical storm, usually one of the weaker one, josh.

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{"id":19346348,"title":"1st Tropical Storm of Season Spawns 14 Twisters","duration":"3:24","description":"Florida residents scramble for cover as 65-mph winds cause destruction across Tampa Bay.","url":"/GMA/video/tropical-storm-andrea-1st-tropical-storm-season-spawns-19346348","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}