Veterans Affairs Secretary Set to Testify Before Congress

Eric Shinseki is called to Capitol Hill about allegations that VA hospitals made patients wait too long for care.
1:48 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Veterans Affairs Secretary Set to Testify Before Congress
Now, to the growing scandal at the V.A. Hospital. Allegations of secret waiting lists, covering up long delays while veterans died waiting to see doctors. This morning, the secretary of veterans affairs is in the hot seat on capitol hill. And ABC's Jim Avila is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Overnight, the white house announced a big move to get in front of allegations that executives at V.A. Hospitals around the country are cooking the books to hide long waits at V.A. Hospitals. With the V.A. Secretary, Erik shinseki, called to testify on capitol hill today, president Obama announced his trusted and high-ranking aide, deputy chief of staff, rob Nabors, will jump in to see the nationwide audit of each and every V.A. Hospital in the country. President Obama issuing this statement. America has a sacred trust with the men and women who serve our country in uniform. It's clear the V.A. Needs to do more to ensure quality care to our veterans. Every time my husband reached out to the V.A., they kept telling him, be patient, sir. It took months for them to see him. It took months. They wouldn't call us back. Reporter: It started in Phoenix. 40 veterans died while waiting for a doctor's appointment. But V.A. Records showed everyone was being seen been two weeks. Now, whistleblowers have come forward, saying that was a lie. The waits were months long. Jermaine is a social worker and union rep at Hines V.A. Hospital outside Chicago. The illusion that patients are being seen within two weeks, that's not happening. Reporter: In opening remarks to the house committee released early today, V.A. Secretary shinseki says, he is personally saddened and angered by the allegations and promises to get to the bottom of it. Now, he has some help as the white house looks over his shoulder.

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{"id":23727333,"title":"Veterans Affairs Secretary Set to Testify Before Congress","duration":"1:48","description":"Eric Shinseki is called to Capitol Hill about allegations that VA hospitals made patients wait too long for care.","url":"/GMA/video/veterans-affairs-secretary-eric-shinseki-set-testify-congress-23727333","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}