5 Ways Families Can Survive Holiday Travel

Tips to avoid extra airline fees.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for 5 Ways Families Can Survive Holiday Travel
-- 7 o'clock in the morning yeah. The club but yeah. Four month old Dylan and his Big Brother -- are off to a rough start. Beyond saying they're not player he's a producer for Nightline -- and with a tough assignment today -- She's about to board a flight to Atlanta with both kids all their stuff -- -- Just don't cover exactly how much families are gonna pay this holiday season -- extra airline fees on top of the ticket price. We've assembled a team of Nightline producers. Flip cams in hand to crowd source the answer did you paper any additional fees that baggage checked bag and yes exactly and thank. And Alice yeah. Airline fees are difficult to avoid. Baggage fees better seeds priority boarding wine fine food for families it can mean hundreds more first stop checking. Have a -- -- Because he's -- exactly. -- I don't and yet of the but clear small duffel bag is not making this our troops -- for the day as we. Unfortunately I can't check -- on the -- eight. Yeah we had to gay -- -- yeah -- appreciate this. New York to Atlanta to find out just how much more other travelers -- pain. This man paid 25 dollars to check his -- But also got stuck with a fancy his -- between nine dollars to move to another season. If you don't have status of an airline. You gotta pay somewhere between tiny even fifty dollars a flight to get the CPU want dementieva -- saddest. You have to pay to check your bag you get priority boarding get -- selection get all -- services that most travelers have to pay for. Of course status doesn't eliminate those Wi-Fi fees and you will -- for life and how much -- normally it's like. It's. So do you ever -- any additional fees ID -- -- and how much is alive but typically dollars. Now there's a fight over others were left homeless if you're tall prepared to pay up just a stretch out your legs -- being nickel and dime this. We'll have drowned Hillary and -- -- so we deal. -- and so what kinds of things might you end up paying for work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think airlines and definitely rely more on these -- I mean as witnessed by the fact that they keep -- -- on. Once we were on the plane -- to see overhead compartments were pretty much to capacity. So if you didn't pay the extra feet -- first and might be our luck finding a spot for your bed. Here's a tip to beat the system it's a full flight. Carrier bank to the gate where you can check it there for free advice Monica might have taken considering shall now end up paying a 120 dollars in baggage fees. -- -- Good idea if you're one who often end up with a bulging bag and you have some spare time. Tried shipping your bank's. Just turned -- but don't discount the -- -- And like field and it says there's no such thing as a free lunch yeah. Clears already spent an additional six dollars and fifty cents and snacks and 21 dollars for days' worth of Internet on a two hour flight. -- -- -- The way home. -- shelled out another 25 dollars -- to check her bag again. -- -- grand total additional fees to 77 dollars. Not -- including the five dollar luggage cart. The -- of the family is think about choosing an Allen that doesn't -- bag fees. I would also say look at these bundling packages. Bundling packages. Airlines get the -- is -- taking out their credit card to pay extra fee after fee so now you can paid all of front. Some -- lines are starting to come up with innovative ways to package their fees and offer them first sat price. So American right now if you book a choice class -- with them just a 68 dollars more than a regular ticket. You get a free checked bag round trip and priority boarding round trip. So -- traveling this Thanksgiving here's some good news. The TSA won't consider you blueberry -- contraband. And just know that eventually he'll make it to your final destination. Ala carte pricing and all. Happy travel. Overnight I'm Lindsey Davis you.

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{"id":21003133,"title":"5 Ways Families Can Survive Holiday Travel","duration":"3:00","description":"Tips to avoid extra airline fees.","url":"/GMA/video/ways-families-survive-holiday-travel-21003133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}