Why Woman Decided to Wear Same Look for Work Every Day

Matilda Kahl, a 27-year-old art director in NYC, used to dread dressing for the office.
5:13 | 04/15/15

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Transcript for Why Woman Decided to Wear Same Look for Work Every Day
Talk about work uniforms if you well one element is making a bold decision to just simplify her wardrobe. I Wear the same outfit every day she's done it for the past three years and we ask. Good idea at the hot idea Paul affairs has more. We did all this entire do you channel your inner fashion Neeson like Meryl Streep banned the devil wears Prada. Let's go for a more tailored look like. Kerry Washington and that's what Matilda called she's an art director at in New York City ad agency. Who you did you read getting dressed for work are you calling uniforms. A uniform why not say yeah. Saying you know what I'm I don't where we're today. Now three years ago 27 year old Matilda exciting to you even eliminate the stress that she can now create every morning. She recently vote about her experience for Harper's bazaar. Why you decided data I constantly it was like well Estes scripture sure it is this teacher to formally stressful it's so stressful. So wealthy uniform. If the fear of black pants a white chicks. And a little flat low and you're wearing clean versions of this particular uniform every single day exactly I have about fifteen of them fifteen top economy bottoms about 67 of them. Matilda who nothing wearing colorful clothes after working on the weekend says she never in its board of her work to form because. She spices it up with different hues. And so bold to deceive. In for someone who work in an office where there is no dress code I think about it. My friends there mr. How big of a burden was lifted off your shoulders and started doing it I can tell you how the rating in this and I don't think you understand exactly how much time and effort you put into choosing clothes. Until you don't have to kiss turned to waste your favorite money and a whole lot of attack how under the dvd get dressed in the morning. I would say about free press for 45 seconds not even many. And then if you. The scare. For Good Morning America Paul affairs ABC news New York. I simply asked you would you Wear the same look every day and here's what he had to say 46 abuse I'd Yassin. 54 said no that's pretty close enough. Pretty even we're joined now by Gina contributor Torre Johnson a style director Good Housekeeping Magazine warns Bergen motto to weigh in on nests and so we ask you a good idea. I love this idea. I am all for an especially because I feel like so many of us stressed out in the morning about what we're gonna aware how we're gonna put it together. And for a lot of us personal style he's the coin of the realm in our workplace Tino super hurt she took the power out two to the power from that and said. This is my outfit this is what I'm gonna Wear kind of focus coming up eleven I would do the same thing I couldn't agree that I thought. I agree totally in fact I'm sort of praying that you guys have been instituted new volatile yeah. Horrow and every deal is still segment must be done in a black president certainly black death. I've had is probably not I'm happy they think you guys don't do this because us deeper for that to you all the not to single you out there to I am always looking your highs every morning I'm. You to lighten its worst of you know I can't be sunshine in the morning to see you guys are ring yeah that but I think also. What it aren't in need you so well is they know what works for than apps and they think this woman in the also hit on the that we what doesn't with the that. You aren't sure there's always Twitter to let Atlanta the I don't this woman ticket to an extreme I think all of the rest of us can learn from that and say hey. You know I don't I mean are where the exact same thing to work every day. But I didn't flare desperate smear pencil skirt about downwards for me and then just you iterations of vaccine is it appeared I mean there is a double standard because you know. George that he could if he would if you could weeks in other men do it and there is a man who cast. This is the suit for a year and nobody noticed and he was trying to make up. That's not right nobody does he's trying to simply it bit firm and people don't notice. If we change our ties are brigade who would nobody would notice like they still I think an officer in the time. Right it's not overlook you have a copy. I have to pay but did this morning shared over 42010 selected I was looking at comment. And a lot of the male commentators I'm FaceBook. We think acts it's thirty minutes to get ready in the morning women offended so this is equaling out a little thing. Matters to get a little more interest Caroline I wouldn't say for art and even he got and that's a pretty darn dapper you're you're like me. Mixing stripes and plaid and he keep ice we say we did notice and the way to express just didn't sound stewards we have we have a lot of help. It's the compound is coming out of there but ultimately it whenever major life easier to I love my kids uniforms every day at yellow signal. Gap on accessory that you get bored. There yet the city to talk to us today rank only hearing it every day and healer flat part I didn't think you got.

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{"id":30330093,"title":"Why Woman Decided to Wear Same Look for Work Every Day","duration":"5:13","description":"Matilda Kahl, a 27-year-old art director in NYC, used to dread dressing for the office.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-wears-outfit-work-matilda-kahl-decided-wear-30330093","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}