'22 Jump Street' Stars Discuss College Caper

Wyatt Russell, Amber Stevens discuss going undercover with co-stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum.
2:01 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for '22 Jump Street' Stars Discuss College Caper
Two of the stars of "22 jump' street." Wyatt Russell and amber Stevens. You have a bromance in the movie with Channing that making Jonah jealous. Channing finds a kindred spirit in the character I play. He's the captain of the football team. Channing sees in him what he could have been and it becomes about whether you should be with somebody that's like or opposite of you. You have a full-on romance with Jonah. Oh, yes. What makes your character fall in love with Jonah hill? In our first meeting, he gets up on stage and does some slam poetry and my character is an art student. I'm all into it. I think it's hilarious. And then we have these deep conversations and stuff. I think that's what kind of connects us. I wasn't aware that poetry slams -- I would have tried it if it was a possibility. You come from a family of actors. Kurt Russell, Goldie ha ie Hawn, your sister Kate Hudson. I was a professional hockey player, I played goal for a long time, got injured. When I stopped, I looked for other things to do. I thought I would give acting a shot. It worked out. I'm excited to see the film. "22 jump street" is in theaters everywhere starting this Friday

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{"id":24069178,"title":"'22 Jump Street' Stars Discuss College Caper","duration":"2:01","description":"Wyatt Russell, Amber Stevens discuss going undercover with co-stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum.","url":"/GMA/video/wyatt-russell-amber-stevens-interview-2014-22-jump-24069178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}