Making Healthier Choices at the Supermarket

With so many choices at the grocery store, David Zinczenko has tips to "Eat It to Beat It."
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Making Healthier Choices at the Supermarket
New year's resolution to lose weight an eat healthier means making the right food choices and abc's knew trig and wellness editor david zinczenko is here today, the man behind the best-selling "eat this, not that" is out with a new book called "eat it to beat it." We'll talk to him live in just a moment. First he took bianna golodryga grocery shopping. Reporter: The supermarket, aisle after aisle of endless options, but are all of the choices helping to pack on the pounds? In his new book "eat it to beat it," david zinczenko shows us how to shop for healthier products. We hit up a local fairway, dave, here's an example. One of dave's yogurt rules, go for the greek. It has more protein and less sugar. We compared dan none greek light and fit peach, a nonfat yogurt sweetened with a no calorie sweetener to dan none's fruit on the bottom. The difference here is -- seven grams of sugar. Seven grams of sugar to 26 grams of sugar. You make one smart swap like this and you're saving 100 calories a day over the course of a year, that's 10 1/2 pounds. Reporter: Next up cereal. A good rule of thumb says dave look for six to eight grams of sugar per serving. Here we've got kellogg's all-bran. Kellogg's smart start here. Food quiz. What do you think? What do you think is healthier? I'd go to smart start, original antioxidants, vitamin a, c, e, beta carotene. Whole grains. Here it has natural wheat bran fiber too but you're saving 100 calories, one serving, again over the course of a year, that is ten pounds. Reporter: Then on to my favorite, ice cream. Look for the fewest ingredients possible, says dave. Fewer ingredients means your body responds to the food in a healthier way. We've got chocolate peanut butter, cherry vanilla, flip it over. Boom. It's -- 230 calories versus 340. That's 110 calories, you're saving it right there every time you eat it over the course of the year, you're over 11 pounds. No dieting, no guesswork. You got the guide to losing weight. Big. Reporter: For "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. Now, we did reach out to all of these brand, dan none and haagen-dazs both told us they offer a variety of choices for consumers, kellogg's declined to comment. We'll bring in our abc news nutrition and wellness editor dave z. I enjoyed the first book. Great to see you again. What are you opening that everyone gets out of this one. The fact is these days food is confusing. Diets are confusing and weight loss is really confusing. I know, I was a chubby kid so i wanted a deliciously simple guide for everyone that was proven to work. And I scoured the restaurant menus, aisle by aisle through the supermarkets and I also packed it with all these health and nutrition and wellness secrets that I learned in over 20 years studying in the field. It's also confusing, dave, the amount of calories that we need. I mean, the fact is if you make these very small changes, huge differences, the way we eat here and there are all kinds of meal plans in the book, if you're eating 1400 or 1500 calories a day and you get to go to your favorite restaurants and you get to eat your favorite packaged foods you could be losing for men up to 50 pounds by summer and women over 12. By the summer? By summer. Not the whole year. Just by the summer. By the summer. This is a sample of what we can eat. Right. For 1500 calories a day all this food. Exactly. What you want to do is start with some preteen and fiber. Here you've got multigrain cheerios with some skim milk, calcium is a magical weight loss mineral. So you're under 150 calories. You've got almost your day's worth of vitamins and minerals. Multigrain cheerios, like little lifesavers for the aris. A snack. A midmorning snack. Cash chi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies. In a snack if you can find a two-to-one sugar to fiber ratio you are in good shape, eight grams of sugar, four grams of fiber. Two cookie, eight grams of finer. Pizza, come on. Cheese pizza. Two slices under 300 calories, it's like ten cheese pizzas and all natural ginger ale. Oh, these -- another snack, a kind bar, 200 calories, fruit, nuts, fiber. If it were any kinder it would jump out of the package. Ba dum, dum. Skirt steak, 300 calories, great mint tea and you can even HAVE A SUNDAE at McDonald's afterw5rds. Even the sundae? Even the sundae. You're trying us to incorporate -- we've got to keep it real and that's a way. No deprivation. Get to eat all your favorite foods. I'm telling you what, this looks good. Don't have to worry about anything to eat today. Thank you, dave. "Eat it to beat it." That's it. For diet confusion read an excerpt from his book at goodmorningamerica.Com at yahoo! We have posted his recipe for this skirt steak as he put it, eat the skirt steak and you can fit into your skirt. Let's get a final check, always

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{"id":21459712,"title":"Making Healthier Choices at the Supermarket","duration":"3:00","description":"With so many choices at the grocery store, David Zinczenko has tips to \"Eat It to Beat It.\"","url":"/GMA/video/years-weight-loss-resolutions-making-healthier-choices-supermarket-21459712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}