Work With Me Essay: Sisters Fight Crime, Fires

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In her essay inviting "Good Morning America's" hosts to "Come Work With Me," the mother of Katie and Emily Gebhardt, 30 and 23 respectively, writes about their courageous work as a police officer among Milwaukee's Finest and a firefighter among Milwaukee's Bravest.

Two jobs in a day? Yes, that is what the "GMA" team could do: work with my daughters for one day protecting the city of Milwaukee.

Kathryn is a city of Milwaukee police officer, and Emily is a city of Milwaukee firefighter.

In a male-dominated profession, both girls have not only a difficult job on the streets, it is difficult being accepted as equals. They accomplish this task beautifully.

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'Good Morning America' Joins You at Work for a Day

I would love Sam to be the one to come to Milwaukee. As a loyal viewer of "GMA" since your show first aired in 1975, I have remained loyal through all the changes your show has gone through.

Once Sam hit the "GMA" team, I just loved him. But, I am not sure if Sam knows where Milwaukee is located :)

I can count on my hand how many times Milwaukee has been mentioned. Even the weather map goes from Chicago right up to Minneapolis without ever stopping in Milwaukee.

We are 337 miles west of Minneapolis and 73 miles north of Chicago, and a wonderful city to visit.

Come on Sam! Come for a day and work with the two cutest blondes you've ever seen. The three of you would be great together.

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Thanks for considering Milwaukee.