Can Allergic Reactions To Bees Be Serious Or Do They Just Hurt?

Question: Can allergic reactions to bees be serious or do they just hurt?

Answer: Bee stings hurt. And they itch and they sting. But they can be dangerous. Allergic reactions can be very dangerous. They can be life threatening. They can be fatal.

There are actually at least 50 and probably closer to 100 people who die every year in the Untied States from allergic reactions to stings. Many of them already knew they were allergic and could have probably been immunized to prevent those reactions. So this is a very serious allergy and should be taken seriously.

There are some kinds of allergic reactions to stings that are less dangerous. Some people get a large swelling that can cause severe pain and swelling for a week or more. But that's not actually dangerous unless the swelling is internal, like in the throat where it can close off the breathing.

So not all reactions are dangerous, but systemic reactions that go through the system can be very dangerous and are important to discuss with your doctor and consider ways to prevent getting stung and to prevent allergic reactions and to be equipped on knowing what to do if you do get a severe allergic reaction to a sting.

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