Is It Serious If I Leave My Allergies Untreated?

Question: Is it serious if I leave my allergies untreated?

Answer: Rarely is it serious and life-threatening, but most of the time it causes -- and those people that suffer for sinus problems and allergies know this -- it makes them miserable. So, for quality of life, yeah, you should treat your sinuses and allergies.

For good body and total body health, very important to treat your sinuses and your allergies. Because, as we know, the sinuses and allergies cause symptoms like stuffy nose congestion -- I can't breathe, I might be snoring -- sleep apnea, which means your oxygens go down at nighttime and your heart and your brain don't get the right oxygen. And maybe fatigue, and fatigue -- you're at work, you're just not performing right, your children are at school, they're not doing well in school, they're not sleeping well. It's a total body health problem that these allergies and sinus problems are causing. So it's so important to see a board certified otolaryngologist, ENT doctor or board certified allergist and get your problems treated, and you may need both.

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