Are There Any Natural Alternatives For Treating Recurrent Ear Infections In Children?

Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., Wake

Question: Are there any natural alternatives for treating recurrent ear infections in children?

Answer:If a child develops an ear infection, it's important for parents to remember that 80 percent of the time the child will get over the ear infection on their own. Most of the children who get over ear infections on their own tend to be healthy, over a year of age and not have any underlying immune disorder.

Antibiotics are only necessary in the minority of cases, so many pediatricians are taking a wait and watch attitude and applying tincture of time to ear infections as with many other self-limited conditions. If a child is, if you're in that wait and watch period, you may want to help your child manage their pain through things like over-the-counter pain medications or warm ear drops. There are herbal ear drops that are effective and work just as well as the anesthetic based medication ear drops.