Top 10 Ways Doctors Try to Predict Alzheimer's


One possibility proposed is that the cholesterol has a hand in both conditions forming. Another is that when a patient has atherosclerosis, the narrowed blood vessels cannot deliver oxygen and sugar to the brain, creating a cognitive deficit.

A reason for testing for heart disease is that it can be handled preventatively.

"Your one important reason for flagging those factors is they are treatable," said Gandy.

Buttoning A Shirt

While buttoning a shirt is an everyday activity for many, it does require some fine motor skills. Forty-five seconds is set as a metric for the longest it should take, with people who take longer being noted as possibly having a higher Alzheimer's risk.

Alcohol Consumption

While heavy drinking has a number of health risks, teetotaling may have its own drawbacks. Researchers have noted that moderate alcohol consumption (1-6 drinks per week) may actually be more beneficial than abstaining completely. People who drank no alcohol saw a slightly higher risk of dementia.


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