My Child Is On A Lot Of Medicines But Is Still Having Asthma Problems. Why?

Question: My child is on a lot of medicines but still having asthma problems several times a week. What else might be going on?

Answer: My experience is that most poorly controlled asthma is due to inadequate or inappropriate use of everyday control inhalers. It's vitally important to bring your medicine to your doctor's visits so your healthcare provider can review your child's inhaler technique.

Also check the expiration date on the medication and also check the number of doses used. Most controller medicines have enough doses to last a month so make sure you're refilling the control medicines enough.

Other causes of poorly controlled asthma include continued exposure to allergen triggers or irritants such as tobacco smoke. Gastroesophageal reflux and sinusitis can also impact asthma control. It is important to have your child seen by an asthma specialist such as a board certified allergist or pulmonologist if their asthma is poorly controlled.

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