Young Breast Cancer Patients Fight to Stay Fertile After Chemotherapy


Freezing Eggs to Preserve Fertility: Cold Comfort for Cancer Patients

A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating at any age. But for Byrd, who was a healthy college grad with no family history of cancer, it was downright shocking. The worst part, she said, was the anticipation of what might happen.

"If I had to add the anxiety of losing my fertility, it would have been unbearable," she said, describing the relief that came with freezing her eggs. "Even if I don't have to use them, just knowing they're there gives me so much solace and peace of mind."

Byrd is facing another year of chemotherapy. But she said she looks forward to getting her life back on track as she enters her 30s.

"I'm very excited about normalcy," she said, adding that she hasn't been able to work or date since she started her treatment.

"People ask me, 'Why don't you date?' Do you want me to date my radiologist or the guy who sold me my wig?" she said, explaining how her life has been taken over by tests and treatments. "I haven't had time to get back to how I am, because cancer keeps attacking me."

But when she conquers breast cancer for good, Byrd looks forward to meeting the father of her future kids.

"I think it will mean that much more," she said. "When I meet the man I'm supposed to be married to, he will love me that much more for giving us this opportunity."

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