Experimental Cholesterol-Busting Drug Shows Promise: Study


But some doctors warned that, although promising, the results of this study are just one step in a long process before these drugs can reach the market.

"It is an early study," said Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a professor of medicine at Yale University, said. "It is information that can be used to mount a rationale for further study and investment. But for patients, it is far too early to tell."

Dr. Scott Grundy, at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, echoed the sentiment. "PCSK9 inhibitors hold a lot of promise, but there is a long road between their ability to lower LDL and proof that they are practical and reduce risk for [coronary heart disease]."

Still, Reid, who was enrolled in the study and later found out he received REGN727, said he was shocked at the results.

"I've never seen my cholesterol this low," he said. "Seeing my [bad cholesterol levels] in the 60s was remarkable."

Now that the study is over, whether this drug will ever be available to Reid again remains to be seen. But he said he believes it could make a big difference for him and others like him.

"It will take a burden off of me," he said. "It is hard to be in your 30s, and someone tells you have heart disease."

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