You Made the Diagnosis -- HLH


Terri Weber recalls that, "They were starting to talk about things like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever…and, you know, some things that I'd never even heard about."

The rash that doctors noticed in the ER had spread over most of Amanda's body. And because her cell counts were very low, doctors began to consider cancer, or a disease called HLH.

HLH (hemophagocytic lympho histiocytosis) is a rare disorder where the immune system goes haywire and attacks healthy cells, and leukemia, in its acute form, is the most common childhood cancer. Both diseases can be diagnosed by looking at a bone marrow sample under a microscope.

Doctors performed a bone marrow biopsy, and Amanda was diagnosed with HLH.

"While it was an extremely serious disease, I was so relieved," said Terri Weber. "After seven or eight days, we finally had a diagnosis."

It would be six weeks before Amanda was able to breathe on her own again, but ultimately she was discharged from the hospital, and today she is completely recovered.

So, if you picked option C, immune system disorder, you were right.

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