Plastic Surgery Deaths Investigated


The Florida Department of Health declined to be interviewed for this story, but just days ago, issued an Emergency Restriction against Dangl. He can no longer perform the kind of surgery that cost Rubenzer her life without a licensed anesthesiologist. But while his own license is being investigated, he's still free to do cosmetic surgery — despite being charged with "committing gross malpractice" by "failing to practice medicine" with acceptable "care, skill and treatment."

But those words come too late for Julie Rubenzer and her parents, who think the state has not done its job, and that the lack of vigilance means their daughter's death may not be the last. "There's somebody right now, walking around the beaches of Florida," said Don Ayer. "Probably a gal with the name 'next' on her. She won't necessarily walk into this clinic. But she's gonna walk into a clinic down there and get nailed."

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