What Can Family Members Or Friends Do To Help Someone Manage Depression?

Question: What can family members or friends do to help someone manage depression?

Answer: Well when someone you know has depression and let's assume they're in treatment already, you want to make sure they're getting to their treatment appointments with their doctor, whether it's for psychotherapy or for medication management.

You want to make sure they're taking their medicine, if that's what prescribed, every day as directed. Because one of the most common things is for people not to take their medication enough so it won't work effectively because of that.

You also want to give them support, find out what's going on in their life, even if they're just getting medication treatment for their depression. Talking to them can be very important. Find out what's going on with them. Make sure they're resuming their normal activities as much as they possibility can. Make sure they're with people because most people respond well to being with others. Being alone is not a great thing if you have depression. It can actually inhibit the response somewhat. People need socialization.

But, really it's important to make sure they're getting their proper treatment, making their appointments and getting active again.

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