Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Ark.

Hello, I'm Dr. Stephen Kemp. I'm a pediatric endocrinologist at Arkansas Children's Hospital Arkansas Children's Hospital. In our endocrinology section there are a lot of things that we're involved with that relate to diabetes in terms of research. And that includes the action of ITF-1, that's insulin like growth factor 1 and insulin on bone formation.

Another one of our faculty has a grant to study the effect of insulin on macrophages, which are cells that are involved in atherosclerosis, that's a disorder that can be a complication of having diabetes for many years. He's also interested in development of fat cells, again a problem for type 2 diabetes.

We have another faculty member who is very interested in trying to understand if there are markers that will signal complications very early in patients who have diabetes. And among other things, she has been looking at the role of a group of compounds called matrix metalloproteinases as markers for early renal disease. We have a lot of interests here at Arkansas Children's Hospital in research and diabetes.


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