Obesity Rates Rise in Some States, Fatty Food Abounds Everywhere

The fat content may not be the only thing that turns you off of eating this Northwestern dish. Also known as prairie oysters or calf fries, Rocky Mountain Oysters are essentially deep-fried calf testicles.

The magazine claimed its "hard to pin down nutritional information" on the deep-fried calf testicles. But the recipes often call for salted water or buttermilk, vegetable oil or lard. HEALTH magazine estimates the deep-fried batter alone is worth at least 5 grams of fat.

Is Local Cuisine All to Blame for Obesity Epidemic

Still, other experts say local cuisine in combination with other factors can have an influence on which states are more obese than others. For example, nine out of the 10 states with the worst obesity rates are in the South.

"One thing in the South, most of the time when you order tea you get sweet tea," said Dr. Howard Eisenson, director of the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, N.C.

"It's part of the culture here, to have sweetened beverages," he said. "If you go north of the Mason-Dixon Line and order tea, you'd have to specify whether it's iced tea and even whether it's sweetened."

In one study cited by the report, parents seemed to be clueless about the childhood obesity problem. While 84 percent of responding parents in a survey of 1,200 registered voters thought their children were of a "healthy weight," nearly a third of all children are obese according to the study.

Image of Normal Weight May Be Skewed in America

Eisenson said it is yet another indication that our nation has a pervasive problem that has even changed our perception of what the average weight looks like.

"There was a time you could drive around Durham and be pretty accurate if you could guess that someone was on a weight loss program," said Eisenson. "It probably is more challenging today."

North Carolina's fattiest feast is certainly unique and chock full of cholesterol, according to Health Magazine. Meet "Livermush," then feel free to put it in omelets, on pizzas or anywhere else you desire. Made of assorted pig parts -- usually 30 percent liver -- cornmeal, pepper and salt, one serving packs about 30 grams of fat.

Nearby neighbor Georgia and Kentucky also had some original food on HEALTH magazine's list.

Georgia's so-called "Luther Burger" combines all the fat of breakfast and dessert with the all-American hamburger.

Ingredients include a ground-beef patty, cheese, bacon and occasionally an egg between two glazed doughnuts instead of a bun. Forget the cheese, bacon and the egg, and the Luther Burger still packs 40 grams of fat.

Everyone's buzzing about the Double Down, the new bunless sandwich from KFC. Surprisingly, it's not the fattiest item on this Kentucky-based chain's menu -- the chicken pot pie takes the cake -- but it is definitely still among the worst.

The rest of America does not have to travel to try what HEALTH magazine dubbed the fattiest food in Kentucky. The new Double Down bun-less sandwich from KFC is available across the nation. With two fried chicken fillets, bacon, two kinds of cheese and "special" sauce, diners can also down 32 grams of fat in one sandwich.

While many southern states currently rank high in obesity rates, experts say all states are at risk for increasing their numbers if local governments don't take public health measures to prevent obesity.

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