The Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat

Yes, this individual has much stronger aerobic capacity. But again, if you take this person into a different environment, he or she will have difficulty performing on the same intensity level. This training would be without oxygen, in the anaerobic category -- also referred to as a medium intensity workout.

65 percent to 95 percent and back to 65 percent training intensity

Now it gets interesting. When this person performs true interval training for 30 minutes and changes the intensity level of his or her workout from 65 percent to 95 percent and back to 65 percent, this person will burn 173 calories, of which 50 calories could be from fat.

Through this training, a person is able to train both energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic, to take advantage of the benefit of the most calorie-burning effects. This is true interval training and is referred to as a high intensity workout. These workouts are a killer, and if you don't feel like you are challenged and tired after those workouts you only performed a medium intensity workout.

Stefan Aschan is a fitness consultant in New York City.

The fact is that interval training burns more calories and fat, and it increases motivation, endurance and metabolism.

One of my favorite things about it is that it prevents boredom. Why else do individuals stop working out? And no, it's not the hassle of going to the gym. That has nothing to do with it. You can work out at your office, or even in your home, and reap the same benefits without a gym membership.

As I always say, take the common sense approach. If you do the same physical activity day in and day out, you will most likely perform a low intensity workout and therefore will not reap the benefits of weight loss that you are looking for. Neither will you continue reaching your best results when you don't change your nutritional intake.

Change your habits slowly. Start cutting back on excessive calories, and start implementing interval training as described above.

Stefan Aschan is a fitness consultant in New York City.

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