Are There Any Genetic Tests That Could Determine My Risk For Glaucoma?

Question: Are there any genetic tests that could determine my risk for glaucoma?

Answer: We have genetic testing for glaucoma, but at this point most physicians really don't use it. What's important to remember are the risk factors for glaucoma: As you get older Caucasians over 60, African Americans over the age of 40, if you've gotten hit in the eye or had trauma to the eye even when you were younger, that can really affect you later on in life. If you were on steroids or prednisone for perhaps asthma or other diseases, this also increases your risk for glaucoma. And if you're very nearsighted or myopic, this is another risk factor. And if you have these risk factors, then it's important to be evaluated by someone to see if you might have glaucoma.