What Medical Information Should I Bring With Me When I Go On Vacations?

Question: What Medical Information Should I Bring With Me When I Go On Vacations?

Answer: Whenever you're traveling away from home, there are a few things that you should always have with you. Foremost, either a note from your physician or a copy of a clinic note that explains your medical problems.

And also lists the medication that you take, naming their generic names, is an important piece of information to have with you so that if you have a health problem you can share that with your local healthcare provider.

It's also important to understand your insurance coverage and have your insurance paperwork with you. For instance, many times your insurance may not cover you when you're far from home, or may have an associated higher co-payment. In fact, when traveling internationally, many insurance policies don't provide coverage and that's important to consider before you go.

Finally, when you do take your medications with you, make sure they're in their original labeled bottles. Carrying them outside of the bottles may cause security concerns or confusion, and so carrying them in their original bottles is a very important part of traveling.

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