Will Heavy Weekend Drinking Affect My Risk Of Developing Heart Disease?

Question: I Don't Drink During The Week But Go Out With My Friends On The Weekends And Get Drunk. How Will That Drinking Pattern Affect My Heart?

Answer: We know that small amounts of alcohol are not damaging to your heart with respect to coronary artery disease; in fact, a small amount of alcohol on a regular basis, let's say one glass of wine a day -- may, in fact, be protective, although there are other damaging effects of alcohol that this needs to be balanced against.

With respect to binge drinking -- to drinking large amounts of alcohol on an occasional basis -- this can be very damaging to the heart, and alcohol in large amounts has a toxic effect on the heart muscle cells, and over time can cause heart failure, and can cause you to be more likely to have damaging and dangerous heart arrhythmias.

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