Why Do Some Stay, Despite Evacuation Orders?

"It's less shocking if you know what to expect and have a plan," Napoli said. "This may be particularly so in the United States where instant and fast recovery and response is part of our culture and our values."

This response not only applies to those affected but those who are there for cleanup and rescue, Napoli said. These rescue efforts also need to take into account the grieving process many will go through.

In New Orleans, a city that thrives and throbs with people, the sight of forlorn residents being plucked from their rooftops is unsettling to many who see the city as undefeatable. How will residents deal with their city that may be forever changed? Long-term depression and hopelessness abounds after such a tragic event.

One of the best coping methods actually is helping others, Napoli said. Also, a positive attitude can go a long way.

"Grieving over what New Orleans once was will be abundant," Napoli said. "However, like the Phoenix from the ashes, it can be new and different."

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