Solve a Medical Mystery: Diagnose Debbie's Condition

Debbie Kaplan thought she was done being ill after her severe bronchitis was cured with a dose of the sulfa-based antibiotic Bactrim. Then the 30-year-old noticed itchy bumps on her arm. The rash spread to her entire body and she began running a fever, becoming swollen and scared for her life.

After her condition worsened, despite taking medication to stop a potential allergic reaction, Debbie landed in the emergency room. Watch the video here.

What do you think Debbie is suffering from?

A. Drug Reaction.
B. Poison ivy. C. Virus.
D. Skin Parasite.

Click here for more information on the choices.


Stay tuned to "Medical Mysteries" for more clues before voting again below.

You've been watching Debbie's story on "Medical Mysteries." Now that you know more about Debbie's condition, what's your latest diagnosis?

A. Drug Reaction.
B. Poison ivy. C. Virus.
D. Skin Parasite.


Watch the end of "Medical Mysteries" to get her real diagnosis.

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