Can Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol in Moderation?

"Your first reaction is, 'Oh, look at that completely irresponsible mom, what is she doing to herself?'" said one woman.

"I have had pregnant women come up and ask for like, a glass of wine, I personally have to refuse them," explained a female bartender.

"It does bother me. It makes me think, 'Why are you having a child if you're not willing to give that sacrifice of yourself?'" explained another woman.

Keep it to Yourself?

ABC News Correspondent JuJu Chang, who recently had a baby, says that "any time a pregnant woman goes out in public and drinks, she is liable to get harsh scrutiny from friends, relatives, even complete strangers. But whatever she decides, that decision is between a pregnant woman and her doctor and not some random stranger on the street who wants to assert their opinion."

Chang spoke with a group of health-conscious and independently-minded expecting women to get a sense of the stigma. Some confessed that even when they do drink responsibly, they are closet drinkers.

One pregnant woman Chang asked says she won't drink in public, "because you don't want to cause a stir, or get that evil eye."

"It's really not [worth] risking public ridicule or scorn or any advice I'm sure I'd get," said another woman.

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