Pain for My Love?

Certainly it's women who continue to give cosmetic dermatologists the lion's share of business as we proceed to remove nearly every visible hair. And some girls with serious curls will apply hair relaxer to their "landing strips." (Take care with that one, ladies. Lye and mucous membranes should not mix. Ever.)

Some see it as a primitive step back. Think of the sexy funky patch of black beneath the arms of chic French girls on the Paris metro in summer. Or go political. The plucked-chicken look achieved by what's also called the Hollywood, the G-wax or the Sphinx are, arguably, pedophilia-inspired .Yet the look du jour is smooth.

And for those who would never consider it, consider this: Removal of hair makes the skin more sensitive. And responsive, say Brazilian devotees.

Speaking of discomfort that can lead to a feeling of arousal, have you considered a corset yet?

Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs are two of the many designers who translated the old whalebone from Frederick's of Hollywood to boutiques and high-end department stores. Some women claim corsets just make their clothes look better, but there's a whole underground community that laces up with prurient intent. Moulin Rouge, anyone?

Back to the doctor's office. Dr. Tabasum Mir says lip injections trump Botox and line fillers when women are getting ready for romance. "I get a lot of women dating younger men. You take an older woman and give her a new pair of lips, and she feels like Angelina Jolie!"

We don't need an M.D. to tell us that shooting our lips up with collagen will hurt, so many go to Sephora instead. With a tube of Lip Venom you can point with your lips like Jennifer Lopez, faire la moue, or sulk and glower like Lisa Bonet (remember Angel Heart?).

But the burning! The stinging! Over-the-counter lip plumpers are filled with spicy additives that irritate your lips to make them pout.

Says Dr. Michael Kane, a.k.a. the Botox King of Manhattan's Upper East Side , "Botox and love both hurt a little bit, but just about everyone agrees they are worth the pain."

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