Game On! Top 10 Foods for Super Bowl Sunday


Sports fans and foodies are gearing up for arguably the most important event of the year, the Super Bowl. This calorie fest is among the few times of the year when gorging yourself on fried Twinkies and pumping your fists at the TV are completely acceptable.

Whether you're a Steelers fan or rooting for the Packers, one thing's for sure: Nothing compliments game-day trash talk quite like delicious calorie-packed, fat-laden snacks.

So, before the kickoff, check out the collection of recipes that's sure to please your palate and tip you scale.

In addition to the recipes, you can check out the caloric intake of each item so you'll know how many hours to spend at the gym to work off Sunday's epic food fest.

Double Chili Cheeseburger With Grilled Onions

Double Chili Cheeseburger With Grilled Onions

Nothing pairs with football quite like a burger grilled to perfection. But the Super Bowl isn't just any game, and Emeril's double chili cheeseburger isn't just any burger. The combination of cheddar cheese, two smokey patties, homemade chili and onions is so decadent that you may be distracted from the game if only for a moment. Click here to get Emeril's recipe.

On a scale from zero to 10 (10 being the healthiest), nutrition experts Dr. Keith Ayoob, associate professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, gave Emeril's double chili cheeseburger a two, tops.

"Emeril likes fatty meat for burgers and this one has two patties, plus the cheese," Ayoob said. "This meal shapes up to be a festival of fat."

To trim it down, use lean meat, go light on the cheese and load up the chili with hearty beans instead of beef.

"The grilled onions are terrific though, especially if you brush them with a little olive oil first," Ayoob said.

And using a whole wheat bun can boost the burger's nutritional value, Katz said.

"Emeril's dish should come with an aspirin, a statin, and a nitroglycerin tablet," Katz said.

Primanti Brother's Sandwich

Primanti's Sandwich

No Super Bowl recipe compilation would be complete without a node to the 2011 AFC Pittsburgh Steelers. There are few foods as dear to Pittsburghers as the famous Primanti's sandwich, and even if you're not a football fan this sandwich is sure to satisfy.

The historic sandwich has everything you need inside two pieces of bread. Instead of being topped with lettuce and tomato, Primanti's opted for fresh cut French fries and homemade coleslaw. It saves room on the plate for all your other sides. Check out the Washington Post's adaptation of this popular meal and you can have a taste of the Steelers on game day.

But Ayoob and Katz gave Primanti's sandwich a one out of 10 for being too much of a lot of bad things.

"The inclusion of French fries and cole slaw -– no doubt rich in mayo -– weighs this down," Katz said.

Use a combo of sour cream and Greek yogurt instead of mayo in the slaw to cut some fat out. Or stuff the sandwich with veggies instead of side dishes.

"You don't need everything inside the bread," Ayoob said. "Slow it down and separate it a little, no need for everything in one bite."

Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds

They don't call them cheese-heads for nothing. Green Bay Packer fans are famous for their large cheese wedge-shaped hats and their obvious love of all things dairy. So, it comes as no surprise that they indulge in cheese curds on game day.

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