Seeking Sex Advice? Where to Get Some

While Dr. Drew, as he's known to his fans, takes the professional position of a physician with his callers, "Loveline" lightened the mood by pairing him with a comic co-host. Adam Carolla was Pinsky's partner in crime for 10 years. In 2006 "Ted" Ramón Stryker, aka DJ Stryker, joined Pinsky to crack jokes about everything from one-night stands to his coccygeal projection, or human tail. Doolittle agrees: Pinsky's sincerity mixed with his sidekick's musings makes for radio worth hearing.

"Dr. Drew really cares about what he's putting on the air," she said. "He mixes it up with a comedian. He normalizes feelings and experiences for a lot of people. And again, he's been doing it for a long time, he's an authority on the matter."

Online Video: Violet Blue

Violet Blue's Web site may not look sexy, but her vlogs (video blogs) more than make up for the bare-bones design. The author, professional sex educator and San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist posts short, informal videos about her thoughts on sex and how to do it.

There's no pretense -- Blue often faces the camera unmade up, wearing glasses and a tank top, talking to viewers as if they were best friends lounging in the living room. Doolittle loves her unfussy approach.

"She is a beautiful, progressive voice in sex-ed," Doolittle said. "She's just very creative and fun and that's what the world is missing in sex."

Blue shares tips from the sex seminars she teaches and answers questions sent to her by viewers. But she's not the type to sit behind a desk.

In a recent episode, responding to an e-mail question about whether it was OK to use Crisco for fun in the bedroom rather than for baking in the kitchen, Blue blows up a condom into a balloon larger than her head. She opens a can of Crisco, massages it on the condom, and a minute later, gasps as the condom bursts.

"There you go," she said. "Do not use this as lube."

And with Blue, viewers get more than just sex tips. The Crisco episode also featured footage of scantily clad pro marching band dancers and a wrap-up of Blue's weekend. She's less of a clinical expert and more of a warm-hearted friend -- who just happens to know a lot about sex. Doolittle thinks her more personal approach will resonate with a lot of people.

"I highly recommend that people find a personality that they relate to," she said. "And she mixes bits of her personal life. She's an ideal personality."

Online Radio: 'Sex Drive'

Odds are, anyone tuning into a sex advice podcast is into technology. Regina Lynn caters to the sexually curious, tech-savvy consumer with "Sex Drive."

A Wired magazine columnist and author of "The Sexual Revolution 2.0," Lynn talks about how technology impacts sexuality. In a recent podcast, she weighs in on the debate about whether the Internet's connectivity is disconnecting people from each other.

"I see us using the excuse ... that everybody's ... using all kinds of technology to replace human contact," she said. "But I don't think that's true. I think it's an individual issue. I think we like to look out and say, 'Oh my God, this is going on and everything's speeding up and what are we going to do?' Because that's easier than just putting down our own phones and putting our foot down."

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