What Is The Relationship Between Work And Stress?

Question: What is the relationship between work and stress?

Answer: Stress is defined as anything that poses a challenge. And so individuals that work and the number of hours that we're at work, we're usually faced with many challenges.

There are some occupations that are considered more high risk for stress, and that's what we call occupations that cause job strain. And that basically combines occupations that have high psychological demand combined with low control over their environment and over decision-making. So that might be an occupation like a cashier or like a telephone operator.

I think what's actually most important about work when you talk about stress is what's compatible for each individual. You want to make sure that you pick an occupation where you're surrounded by individuals that have similar personalities that you can get along with. And that you're also in an environment that works for your personality. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, whether that's working more by yourself or with other people, you want to find something that feels as comfortable with your personality as you can.

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