Should I Avoid Taking My Baby to Public Places Due to Swine Flu Concerns?

Question: I have a small baby at home. Should I avoid public places with him/her during the swine flu epidemic?

Answer: So infants are certainly more susceptible to viruses such as swine influenza or even seasonal influenza, just because their immune system is less developed at this point. Keeping them out of areas where they're going to have contact with lots of other children might be wise, only because children are not as good at keeping things out of their mouth, or perhaps washing their hands as frequently as you as an adult would like them to do.

It's also important, as mom, to make sure that you're washing your hands frequently when you are going out into public areas, as you are likely to transmit it to them just as you woud transmit it to yourself. So staying away from public areas is probably not a bad area, but being in seclusion isn't probably necessary either.