Why Has The CDC Recommended That Most Schools Stay Open Despite The Swine Flu Pandemic?

Question: Why has the CDC recommended that most schools stay open despite the swine flu pandemic?

Answer: Early in the swine flu pandemic in the United States in May and June, some communities had school closures in order to attempt to control or mitigate the epidemic in their communities. Now that swine flu is ubiquitous in the United States during the influenza season this year it has been suggested that schools stay open as much as possible. In order to control infections in schools parents are heavily encouraged to keep their children home when ill particularly with symptoms such as cough and sore throat with fever and that they not return to school until at least 24 hours after their fever has resolved.

In addition, hand washing and close attention to hygiene is encouraged. The decision to close the school will be up to local school districts and really should only be if the school has been affected to such a state that they cannot do business because of absenteeism amongst their students and teachers.