10 Delicious Drinks That Boost Immunity

Fizzy Immune Support

If you like a little kick to your sips, healthy fizzy drinks can help keep you hydrated while giving you an added dose of vitamins and minerals. One tasty option, Airborne Plus Energy, offers up immune-supporting vitamins A, C and E and zinc, as well as health-boosting herbs like ginger and echinacea.

Go Green

Sure they look sketchy, but green juices and juice powders can provide a healthy dose of nutrient-dense greens, including wheat and barley grass and even micro-algae like spirulina and chlorella.

"Greens help to alkalize your system which creates an inhospitable environment for germs and abnormal cells," says Dr. Eliaz. Another perk: Drinking your greens can help detoxify your body, he says.

Opt for a green juice with a diverse selection of organic ingredients and added probiotics, such as Vitality SuperGreen by Body Ecology, which has a blend of cereal grasses, micro-algae, green veggies, and probiotics.

Where Germs Lurk In Your Kitchen

Fruit of the Vino

Good news, wine lovers! The antioxidants in red wine may help keep you healthy.

A 2010 study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that among 4,000 Spanish adults, those who drank more than 14 weekly glasses of wine for a year were 40 percent less likely to come down with a common cold. Why? Antioxidants are believed to fight infection and protect cells against the effects of free radicals. But like all good things, the key is, of course, moderation.

"Too much will cancel the benefits, because the alcohol and sugars strain the liver and reduce immunity," says Dr. Eliaz.

Hot Honey Helper

Your mom knew what she was talking about when she made you drink tea at the first sign of a cold: Hot drinks stimulate digestion, ease cold and flu symptoms, and give your immune system the extra kick it needs to fight germs. In fact, people who drank five cups a day of black tea for two weeks had 10 times more virus-fighting cells in their blood than people who drank a placebo hot drink, finds a Harvard study. Sweeten your immune-revving cup with honey, which offers its own health-boosting antioxidants. The darker the honey, the more antioxidants, so opt for varieties like buckwheat to get the best kick.


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