How To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

PHOTO: Don?t let the food and fun of summer holidays linger on your waistline.

For many of us, vacation is a time to relax by sitting around, napping, sipping cocktails, eating indulgent foods, and leaving our worries behind. Unfortunately, all that "sitting around" and comfort food could cause vacation weight gain and bloat. Here's how to have fun on vacation, and eat the foods you want while making sure your figure is still in tip-top shape when you return.

Rent a Condo or Apartment

Studies show that the more frequently you eat out, the more likely you are to have weight gain, because restaurants load you up with hidden calories. If possible, book accommodations with a kitchen; it may cost slightly more, but you'll save a bundle by cooking. Aim to prepare all your breakfasts, plus either lunch or dinner each day. With that in mind, make a grocery list on the plane. Tear off a section for each family member so that you can stop at the store, and divide and conquer, on the way to your vacation destination.

Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Pack (or pick up) a sandwich on whole wheat, always carry some nuts, and toss an orange in your purse. With their healthy fats and fiber, the nuts will keep hunger at bay. At restaurants, plan in advance to just eat half. Ask your server when you order to bag up the other half, and savor it for lunch the next day. Finally, when you're on the road, skip the drive-thru and hit a deli. Get turkey on whole wheat, an apple and fat-free yogurt for less than 350 calories!

How to Lose Weight on Vacation


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