6 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Slash Stress

Over time, stress can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity – all things that take years off your life. Stress is easy to squash, so don't fret. Most people rank personal finances as their number one stressor, typically because they feel powerless. Try this: Keep some money in a special bank account, safe from your urge to splurge on a new designer bag. This will help you feel more secure with your finances and help reduce stress. Not sure the current economy will allow for additional savings? Learn The Right Way to Negotiate a Raise, or haggle for a discount.

Get Your Sweat On

Want to live longer? Hit the gym. Studies show that working out may lower a woman's risk of breast cancer by 37 percent, osteoporosis by 45 percent, and heart disease by 14 percent. A combination of cardio and weight training boosts metabolism and burns fat, keeping heart disease at bay. Check out The Keep-Your-Heart-Pumping Workout to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.

Lose the Muffin Top

Maintaining a healthy weight not only keeps you looking hot in your hip-huggers, it wards off heart attacks and diabetes, too. To see if you're a healthy size, check the circumference of your waist around your belly button. That number should be less than half your height. So if you're 5'2," your waist should be less than 31 inches. Looking to whittle your middle? Avoiding processed foods laden with trans fats will help. Studies show that this type of fat packs on the most belly blubber, so limit yourself to 2 grams daily. (Define your waist even more by sculpting your core muscles. Grab some dumbbells and try our No-Crunch Abs Workout.)


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