What Should I Be Looking Out For When A Food Is Labeled 'Low-Carb' Or 'No Carbs'?

Question: What should I be looking out for when a food is labeled 'low-carb' or 'no carbs'?

Answer: When you see a label 'low-carb' or 'no carb,' you again must look at the label to see what the carbohydrates have been substituted for. If they have fat, for example, and you have trouble with your lipids, that's not a good idea. If they use sugar which is the most common, then if you have diabetes, that could be a not a very good food to eat.

Finally, people with kidney disease should not be eating high protein diets. And most low carb foods are also high in protein. If you have kidney disease or don't' know whether you might have kidney disease, you should check with your physician.