What Are Carbon Dioxide Or Erbium Lasers, How Do They Work, And How Effective Are They In Treating Aging Skin?

Question: What are carbon dioxide or erbium lasers, how do they work, and how effective are they in treating aging skin?

Answer: Carbon dioxide and erbium are forms of lasers available in your local dermatologist's office. These lasers work by targeting water within the skin. Because of this they have many uses. They can improve the appearance of fine to medium wrinkles; they can also improve acne scars; and lastly, they can help with texture changes in the skin.

A new class of lasers within this is called fractionated lasers. The way the light is emitted allows less irritation to the skin and less downtime between treatments. If you think that you might be a candidate for laser or have questions about laser treatments, please consult your local dermatologist.