Woman Discovers She has Two Wombs

However, experts such as Dr. Richard J. Paulson, chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, have some encouraging words.

"Prior to the days of ultrasound most of these cases were discovered at the time of Caesarean," said Paulson, who has seen other cases of Hasaj's condition.

Paulson said reproductive malformations ranging from a complete failure of the two tubes to fuse as in Hasaj's case, to an oddly heart-shaped uterus are relatively common.

"It would be a rare case if she got pregnant in both uteri at the same time," he said.

Paulson also wasn't at all surprised to hear that Hasaj never guessed she had two vaginas or cervixes.

"I don't want you to imagine that she looks any different on the outside," he said. "In regular life, you're unaware of the anatomy beyond the first couple of centimeters."

A Difficult Discovery

In pelvic exams, during intercourse or any other normal situation, Paulson said it's difficult to feel that a person has two vaginas. Paulson used an analogy of walking into a tent separated by a tarp down the middle with your eyes closed.

"Once inside, you can't feel a difference in the wall," said Paulson. "A vast majority of the time these things aren't discovered, even in an exam."

The same was true for Hasaj, who said she'd gotten regular annual checkups since she was 18. This new discovery finally explains why every other pap smear gave inconclusive results.

"For the last nine years, I've had so many smears -- possibly 30 different people have given me smear tests," said Hasaj. "The doctors said only thing you would have noticed would be you had problems using tampons."

When she heard that, Hasaj said her history made perfect sense.

"I thought 'oh my god, yes," said Hasaj, who thought something was strange during the previous periods.

"But I never would have guessed this," she said.

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