Anorexic Takes Up Baking to Gain Control Over Food


Kuhns has admitted to similar thoughts and behaviors on her blog, Milla the Night Baker, which she started because she often turned to the kitchen when she couldn't sleep. In recent months, she used the site and her baking to help raise money for treatment.

Poppe said Kuhns felt too much pressure to take specific requests so she baked whatever she felt like and posted pictures of it on Facebook.

"She didn't want to sell it so she asked for donations," Poppe said.

One cookie at a time, Kuhns raised $7,000, enough for one week at the eating disorder clinic, Utah's Center for Change, where she is now a patient. Thomas said she usually asks her patients to avoid cooking and baking until their disorder is more manageable but she thinks Kuhns' approach could serve as part of her healing process.

"Normally, I worry about this kind of behavior but if she used it to help pay for treatment, it could be viewed as constructive," Thomas said.

But it will take a lot more than a bake sale to pay for the full six months of in-patient counseling Kuhns needs to get well. Her father, David Kuhns, put the cost for his daughter's intensive psychological counseling program at more than $100,000.

"We'll pay for the rest of it by taking loans, applying for grants and asking for donations," he said.

Kuhns continues blog from inside the treatment center. Because she's not allowed Internet access while in therapy, she gives her entries written in longhand to her father when he visits on the weekend and he posts them.

Her recent posts don't mention baking, though she has expressed hope that she can soon return to the kitchen - and that cookies will be her comfort food, not just by making them, but by eating them, too.

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