Beware of Slips and Falls, Frostbite and Hypothermia, Doctors Warn


"You're not superman because you're in a souped-up SUV," said Pachter. "Some people have a lot of moxy when driving those SUVs. They think they can get in their four-wheel-drive car and go 60 miles an hour."

When really, Pachter said, it's that reckless driving that causes visits to the emergency room.

So, what should people do when there are blizzard conditions snowing in on the parade?

When possible, doctors said to stay home. It's simply not worth the risks.

But with airports closed and modes of transportation canceled, many people are doing just that: staying home. The unexpected amount of post-holiday family time comes as a pleasant surprise to some and an added stress for others.

Dealing With the Extra Dose of Kin

"Deal with it with a smile and a sense of humor," said Dr. Carol Bernstein, associate professor of psychiatry at new York University's Langone Medical Center. "The good thing is that people know it's out of their control, so in a weird way, it can take some of the pressure off. Nobody expects that you would have expected to plan gifts and party and food for the extra day or two."

But for others, the extra dose of kin can add an even bigger dose of stress in dealing with travel changes.

Nadine Kaslow, a professor and chief psychologist at Emory University School of Medicine, suggests engaging in activities as an antidote to the stress.

"Play games, tell family stories ... sit at the movies, where you're together but you're not doing anything that's going to be so stressful," said Kaslow. "Accept that stress levels are high, and be compassionate toward yourself and others."

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