Dr. Oz: A Different Side of the Famed Heart Surgeon


"I never thought of myself as a celebrity and I don't say that with false modesty," he said. "Surgeons are not modest people. We are all about controlled arrogance. We have to believe with our hearts that we can take you into an operating suite, take a band saw to your sternum, open it and still help you."

Before she headed into surgery, Cepeda said she was nervous, but felt very comfortable with Oz. Her family waited anxiously outside the operating room while she went under the knife.

During the surgery, Dr. Oz discovered something unexpected -- Cepeda's aortic valve only had two parts. Normal aortic valves have three parts. It's a defect with which she was born.

On the premiere of "NY Med," Dr. Oz performs another life-changing heart surgery. This time the patient is a divorced man Dr. Oz talks into calling his ex-wife for emotional support. "NY Med" premieres Tuesday, July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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