Functional Dysphonia: Vocal Cord Massage Brings Mom's Voice Back


Voiceless: 'It's Not a Prank Call. It's Me'

After five minutes of massage and manipulation, hints of her voice were starting to appear. Fifteen minutes later, Martin was laughing. "I am going to cry," she said.

Milstein, who specializes in voice and throat disorders at the Voice Center, said functional dysphonia was common after an upper respiratory condition, cold for flu or after a trauma.

He said being able to help patients was very rewarding.

"Usually in one intervention you can make a huge difference and improve their quality of life right away," Milstein said. "Sometimes I see patients that have had this condition for years and they are able to regain their voice in one session."

When Martin called home, her son didn't believe it was really her. "Are you sure it's not a prank call?" he said. "No, it's not a prank call. It's me," she responded.

She says she's gotten her voice back and her life. "My vocal cords work right and my voice is loud," she said.

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