Man Saved From Blindness By Gene Therapy


According to the study, two of the patients with worse eyesight than Tuftnell had their vision significantly improved by the surgery. The other four, including Tuftnell, had their night vision improve or kept their eyesight in the treated eye at the same level.

While MacLean said it is too early to tell if the therapy will be permanent, he said none of the participants had continued deterioration in the treated eye.

MacLean said going forward he hopes to expand the study to clinics in America and Canada.

Additionally he hopes the study means new research into similar treatments for other common causes of blindness such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Tuftnell said his treated eye has improved slightly, but his untreated eye has continued to deteriorate.

“It’s like being given an arm back that you’ve lost,” said Tuftnell of his new prognosis.

New Treatment for Muscular Disease

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