Health Care Law Changes for 2011: Adult Children Included in Parents' Insurance


But realize that a parent's plan may not be the most financially sound option available. Individual health care or subsidized university health coverage may prove to be a smarter choice for children, depending on their health needs, financial situation or marital status.

However, the general erasure of barriers to health care coverage is what Kamal Muilenburg says is the biggest achievement of the Affordable Health Care Act. Muilenburg is under continuing treatment for metastatic breast cancer and opted to include her 25-year-old daughter on her health insurance in October. Like Muilenburg, her daughter has a serious illness that requires treatment.

"It's just me and my daughter, and by having a child whose insurance isn't covered by work while I'm on disability for my treatment … money is really tight. But at least we now have insurance," said Muilenburg, who is the associate director of San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage, an advocacy group. While the conditions of health care reform may not suit everyone, Muilenburg calls the modifications "a lifesaver."

Says Muilenburg, "I will be using my insurance extensively for the rest of my life, and I could be undergoing treatment for the next 10 or 15 years. My coverage isn't being compromised by my daughter's needs, and this gives me huge peace of mind."

To learn more about the Affordable Health Care Act and its impact on young adults, click here.

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