Mensa Kids Can Face Difficulty Finding Right School


Beresin also said that having a high general IQ can mean very little when it comes to school performance. "[Kids] can have a very high IQ and have dyslexia, [or] have slow processing speed and it takes a longer timer to process information. Those kids get very frustrated," said Beresin.

Additionally, Beresin said that some children can score very low on the verbal portion of the test but score very high overall. As a result they may excel in math or science and fail in English, or when writing an essay. Beresin said some people can have high IQs and almost no emotional intelligence, and he has even seen colleagues at Harvard become completely incapacitated from seemingly "normal" interactions with co-workers.

"Some people have to be taught like a fifth grader, 'Don't' interrupt meetings. Don't bring your science journals to a meeting, don't interrupt the chairman,'" said Beresin. "You can have a natural gift, but if you can't do anything with that gift what's the point?"

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