NYC Nanny Stabbing: When Is a Child Too Young to Remember Trauma?


Both she and Kazdin agree that 3-year-old Nessie will not likely escape unscathed from this family tragedy.

"Even though she might not have known what happened, the fact that her mother walked in and was screaming and screaming, the child will know that [something bad has happened]," said Courtois. "She will register her mother's distress."

But will the bloody events of this week be imprinted forever in Nessie's brain?

"No one knows the answer," said Kazdin. "Will the child have a mental photograph? No one knows."

"We do know about the stress that is experienced by parents gets passed on to their children right there on the spot," he said. "The best thing for the child is for all the support systems to make sure the family gets back on track."

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