Photo of Man's 'Double' Uvula Goes Viral

PHOTO: Albert Torres was born with a "bisected" uvula.PlayAlbert Torres
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Growing up, Albert Torres said he always had one way to get attention during show and tell in class by revealing his “bisected” uvula.

Also called the palatine uvula, the uvula is part of the soft palate and more widely known as the dangly thing in the back of your throat.

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Singing Hopeful's Reddit Video Goes Viral

Torres, 26, was born with a “bisected” uvula, or, as he called it, a “double uvula.” His mother initially thought she had injured him when she was feeding him, Torres said.

“Basically it was just something my mom noticed when I was a little kid,” said Torres. “My mom was feeding me and I was crying and as I was yelling ... she saw down my throat.”

Torres said the doctor assured his mother she did nothing wrong, and Torres ended up with a funny party trick.

However, Torres’s party trick ended up going viral after he posted a picture of his uvula to Reddit earlier this week. The response was instant, dozens of people commented on the picture trying to figure out just what had happened to Torres’ throat.

“A bunch of dentists [told me] it’s a bisected uvula,” and not a “double” uvula said Torres.

In spite of his oddly-shaped uvula, Torres said he hasn’t noticed anything problematic like snoring or coughing.

The doctor said "it’s relatively common, almost like being born left-handed,” said Torres of his odd-shaped uvula.

It turns out, Torres is also a lefty.